Balancing Work & Celebrations Post Covid

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Balancing Work & Celebrations Post Covid

December 2019, the whole world was struck by a catastrophe no one had seen in years. Coronavirus took the world by the balls and showed it that the fun times are over. It shut the whole world down- offices, schools, colleges. 2020 was a disaster for both celebrations and work.

Today, people are getting vaccinated and the world is coming out of the whole Covid situation but it took its toll as people are struggling to get back to their pre-Covid times be it getting back to their normal lifestyles or regaining from the losses they had faced. All these can make it a little difficult to celebrate or be part of celebrations as people are still struggling and stressed out. Here are some ways to make life a little bit easy and enjoy celebrations.


1) Maintain a to-do list: Maintain a list of things that need to do, day-wise. It’ll help keep track of your targeted work and not miss out. Once you have the list, you can plan the day accordingly from finishing work by the deadline to making time for the celebrations.


2) Prioritise work: Prioritising can help you to focus on the work you need to finish first or is more important. This will help you not fret about not finishing your important work while you are celebrating.


3)Time Management: Time management is an important aspect when it comes to balancing work life and personal life. When you manage it effectively by assigning the right time to the right activity, everything will fall into place. By managing time, not only will you be able to do tasks on time but also have enough time for celebrations.


4) Take Rest: Do not forget to take a break or you will just exhaust yourself and forget about balancing, you won’t be able to do either work or celebrate. So do not overwork yourself and take a chill pill. Everyone deserves a break to prevent burnout and save some energy for celebration. 


5) No work at home: Don’t let work encroach on your personal space. Bringing work to home can take away from enjoying a good time with your friends and family. It can even hamper your family relationship. 


6) Take help from others: When you have an important project to finish and have deadlines, reach out to your family and friends for help like dropping your kids at school or to their sports/dance practices or just running errands.


7) Lead a healthy lifestyle: You know what’s more important than work and celebrations? it’s self-care & staying healthy. So true is the saying “Health is wealth” when your health deteriorates, no amount of money, achievement would matter, they become useless. Eat healthily, exercise and take care of your mental health. You need to stay sane to enjoy life.

Have a great winter holiday!