How Coffee is Enjoyed Around The World

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How Coffee is Enjoyed Around The World

I remember, my initial stage of consuming coffee was to keep me awake for my board exam. A cup of black filtered coffee would keep me awake all night. Today, for many of us, having coffee is a part of our daily routine, whether starting your day with it or boost energy for your workout. And if not daily, we sure do have it occasionally on a coffee date with friends or just go with your mood.

Coffee’s heritage can be traced back to the ancient coffee forest in Ethiopia. A herder named Kaldi noticed that his goats after eating berries from a tree became energetic and started jumping around. Kaldi reported the finding to the abbot of a local monastery and then the abbot shared it with other monks and the knowledge about the berry spread which today is known as coffee. Today, Ethiopia is the world’s fifth-largest coffee- producing nation and yirgacheffe coffee is considered the best high grown coffee in southern Ethiopia.

On this World Coffee Day, let me take you on a tour to know how coffee is enjoyed in different parts of the world.


1) Ethiopian Coffee, Ethiopia 

Ethiopia households often host coffee ceremonies three times per day. The ceremony involves making coffee from raw beans which are roasted in the pan. After they are ground, they are brewed in a pot called a jabena. Once it’s done the host pours the coffee from the jabena into small handleless ceramic cups. 


2) Qahwah or Arabic coffee, Middle East

This coffee includes spices like cardamom and cinnamon, cloves and saffron, Arabic coffee is sometimes prepared and served in a traditional coffee pot called dallah.


3) Traditional Turkish Coffee, Turkey

This coffee is brewed in a pan filled with hot sand, water and ground coffee beans are put in a coffee pot called a cezve in the sand until it begins to boil and foam at the top. The heat can be adjusted by putting the coffee deeper in the sand.


4) Kaapi or South Indian filter coffee, South India

After making the coffee decoction, it is mixed with sugar and boiled milk in a tumbler. Then the concoction is poured back and forth between the tumbler and a utensil called dabarah which helps the sugar to dissolve and makes it creamy frothy texture.


5) Egg Coffee, Vietnam

This coffee was invented in 1946 during wartime when there was a shortage of milk. Egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk are whipped together to give the coffee a thick and creamy consistency.


6) Australian Flat White Coffee, Australia 

This coffee is similar to Latte but smaller in size, it is made by pouring microfoam or steamed milk over a shot of espresso.


7) Espresso, Italy

It is originated in Italy which is a classic choice that can be taken anytime of the the day. This Coffee is brewed by using pressure to force a small amount of boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans. Italy introduced the first steam-pressure coffee machine which is now known as espresso machine. 


8)Kaffeost, Finland & Sweden

This coffee is made by pouring hot coffee over Finnish cheese curds called leipajuusto. The cheese curd soak up the coffee like bread. You can enjoy biting the spongy cheese along with the tasty coffee.


9) Irish Coffee, Ireland

This coffee is said to have been invented in the winter of 1943 to warm up guests in the airport restaurant near Limerick. The cocktail is hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar topped with cream.


10) Greek Frappe

This coffee is said to have been invented in 1957 in Thessaloniki at the International Trade fair by mistake by a Nescafe representative (Yannis Dritsas) who mixed cold water with instant coffee in a shaker after he couldn’t find any hot water. It’s made of ice instant coffee, water and sugar. This popular coffee is served in almost every cafe in Greece today.


11)Cafe Bombon, Spain

This coffee is a stable espresso drink in Spain. The coffee is best served in a glass cup which allows you to see the layers of condensed milk, espresso and crema.


12)Cafe de olla, Mexico

This coffee is a traditional Mexican speciality coffee, made with ground coffee, cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar). It is served in a clay mug which is supposed to enhance the coffee flavour.


13) Mazagran Coffee, Portugal

This coffee is actually originated in Algeria. The story of its origin goes like when French troops were stationed there, they made this coffee to counter the heat. It is cooled with ice and added some rum. The Portuguese added lemon juice to give it a twist.

By now, you must be drowned in the aroma of coffee by just knowing these different recipes. Try your favourite and celebrate coffee.