How to Eat Right With a Busy Work Schedule

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How to Eat Right With a Busy Work Schedule

In your hectic lives, health often takes a backseat. Not that you intend to do so. As you juggle your work, home and family, you may not get the time to focus on this aspect of your life. However, as they as, health is your true wealth. 


A lot of people think that it takes a lot of effort to eat right. On the contrary, it is the easiest thing once you get the hang of it. All you need is a little commitment and a strong will to stay the course. You may find the initial days a tad difficult. However, once you cross this phase, it will become as easy as pie. Look at it as a lifestyle choice to make the transition smooth and permanent.


Avoid processed food


The first step to eating right is to know the reasons for eating some things and why you need to steer clear of others. 


Processed goods like bread, savoury snacks, cheese, cakes and biscuits are easily available these days. Often they are also the yummiest options when you get those mid-day hunger pangs. However, they rank the lowest when it comes to their health quotient. 


It happens because of the processes that they go through for giving them a longer shelf life. They have unhealthy quantities of trans fat, sodium or sugar added to make this possible. It is why bakery bread lasts longer than your homemade loaf. Instead of packaged food (including the diet, no-fried items), opt for fresh and wholesome items. 


Start your day right


I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of having breakfast to start your day on the right note. It is what will energise your body for a long day ahead. Breakfast is essential to replenish the glucose levels that dip during the nightlong fast. It also helps in enhancing your metabolism rate.


Moreover, people who eat breakfast tend to meet the recommended daily levels of minerals and vitamins. Lastly, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight by eating the right breakfast. Instead of cereals, opt for healthy and wholesome choices that will keep you longer for full.


Include fruits and nuts in your diet


Fruits are nature's desserts for you. Apart from the fact that they are loaded with vital nutrients, they also offer natural sugars.


A few people tend to lose their control over cravings as the day progresses. It happens because depriving your body of sugar never works. As the glucose level dips, you start craving for sugar and end up having unhealthy sweets or snacks.


A better option to satiate these cravings is by including fruits and dry fruits in your diet. When you eat them as mid-morning snacks, you will realise that your body will no longer crave sugar. You will be in a better mood and also experience high energy levels.


Plan your meals


Most of you are adept at planning your work. It helps you to cope with work pressure and even exceed the expectations with elan. Similarly, when you plan your meals, you ensure that you are always eating right.


You can use your weekends for this activity. Get your groceries for the entire week to avoid any last-minute confusions. Most of you resort to order-ins or two-minute noodles when you do not have enough stock of vegetables and fruits. And, they are not the healthiest options if you are trying to eat right.


You can also prepare a weekly menu and chop the veggies in advance. It will make your task of cooking easier.


Avoid binge eating


Most of us are not conscious of the fact that we end up eating under stress. If you are an emotional eater, having food without feeling hungry or eating a large quantity within a short span would be a familiar scenario.


While you may find it tough to stop yourself while you are at it, you may also feel guilty later. If you have a complicated relationship with food, you want to seek medical help. However, if it is not regular, you may try to channel your stress.


For instance, thirty minutes of brisk walking, running or any other cardio activity can take your mind off stress. Besides, try to be conscious of your hunger pangs. It is equally crucial that you do not starve yourself as it is to avoid overeating. 


Do not forget to hydrate


Water is the best drink there is if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle. Avoid sugary drinks that are loaded with empty calories. Even fruit juices do not do any good. When you have a glass of fruit juice, you end up having sugars from three to four pieces of fruit, sans the fibre and nutrients.


If you are one of those who forget to drink water, you can set reminders on your phone. Another trick is to always have a bottle of water near you so that out of sight doesn't become out of mind.




Eating right is a lifestyle choice. When you are conscious of your choices and you know the right reasons, you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without any difficulties.