Partners In More Than Just Crime

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Partners In More Than Just Crime

Rahul & Boskey

Boskey Seth @boss_keey and Rahul Seth, the sister-brother duo are behind Rahul Fashion Pvt. Ltd.’s running wheels after the demise of their father. They remember their father as someone who was very hard-working, creative, liked to invent new things and he is their inspiration.

There’s no doubt that the solid bonding between the two siblings is also the reason behind the company’s successful journey as Boskey describes her brother as her main strength. Boskey takes care of the designing part and the German market whereas Rahul looks after the Indian market and Australian market. But her sister credits him for the company’s growth as his genius mind and effort in handling finances is an integral part of the growth.

Rahul on the other hand attributes the company’s success to his sister as she looks after the design & fabric which is the main USP because the company is all about Fashion Industry.



On surviving the Covid pandemic, they said the buyers and suppliers supported a lot and it was the understanding and long-term relationship that paid off. Also, they had to be there for the company’s employees and vice versa. Soon enough, after 40 days of the second wave, they were opened and it’s the teamwork that made it happened.

For the siblings, they took the pandemic in a positive way, to look for more opportunities as one has more free time to think about new things. As an example, they shifted to producing masks and pyjama wears from their usual casual, formal wears production as most people had started working from home and stopped going out.

As far as sustainable fashion is concerned, they have been into recycled polyester for a very long time and use organic cotton that is grown with natural fertilizer.

When asked if they ever compete with each other at work, they said there’s no competition at all as their roles are very much different from each other.

They do have issues sometimes but never let them come in the way of their work. All and all, it’s the sibling bond and the partnership very much in sync which is the strength of the company. 


Let’s get to know more about Rahul & Boskey and their bonding with the Rapid Fire session.

Q. What do you like most about your sibling?

Boskey-  Rahul is very obedient.

Rahul- She is a big support after my dad passed away.

Q. What annoys you about your sibling?

Boskey- He’s too stubborn and clings on to things.

Rahul- Her anger and believing people too easily.

Q. What was the last text you sent to each other?

Boskey-The last text I sent him was about this interview.

Rahul- My last text was telling her about my throat pain.

Q. What do you and your sibling have in common?

Boskey & Rahul- Love and loyalty for the family.

Q. In which area are you and your sibling the complete opposite?

Rahul- I am a vegetarian and she is not.

Boskey- I am a fun-loving person and he is a serious guy.

Q. What is something you like to do together?

Boskey- Holidaying in Barcelona.

Rahul- Buying good cars, we love cars.

Q. Describe your sibling with one or more adjectives.

Boskey- Strength, Rahul is my strength.

Rahul- Boskey Didi is bossy, she is also protective without letting me know.

Q. Do you have nicknames for each other?

Boskey- I have one hashtag for him and that is Chhamak Chhallo.

Rahul- I just call her Bosky Didi.

Q. How much time do you spend together?

Boskey- More than 10-12 hrs.

Q. Did you have a favourite game when you were kids?

Rahul- Trump cards n monopoly.

Q. What is one thing your sibling cannot live without?

Boskey- My brother cannot live without tandoori chaaps.

Rahul- She can’t live without caring me.

Q. What is one thing that has changed about your sibling as they have become older?

Boskey- Rahul has stopped sharing things about him.

Rahul- The same goes for her and gussa kam (less anger).

Q.If your sibling was an animal, what would they be?

Boskey- A dog because I love dogs.

Rahul- A goat because she is Aries.

Q. If your sibling’s life was a movie, which actor would play their role?

Boskey- Hrithik Roshan, my brother likes him and I have to like him as my brother only.

Rahul- Anne Hathway in the movie “The Intern”.

Q. What’s one thing you can do that your sibling can’t?

Boskey-Rahul can’t handle family and I can.

Rahul- I am good at investment and she’s not.

Q. What is your funniest childhood memory of your sibling?

Boskey- When we were kids, I used to tease Rahul so much when mom is away. I used to torture him a lot by making him play prisoner, put him behind bars. He is a pampered kid being the last son and that’s how I take away his pampering. 

Q. What did you most fight about as children?

Rahul- She gets all the new and good stuffs and I always had my eyes on them.

Q. Are you closer now or when you were younger?

Boskey- Now, because we spend more time with each other, we have a bro-bond more than a bro-sister bond, it’s the brother-brother thought we share.

Q. What is your favourite thing about your sibling?

Boskey- He let me have whatever I want, he will buy it for me. Anything that my father could not have done, he will do it for me. 

Rahul- She let go of my mistakes easily.

Q. What habits does your sibling have that you would change if you could?

Boskey- Change his stubbornness, just let go of things and move on, live your life.

Rahul- Stop trusting people easily.

Rahul and Boskey, it was a pleasure meeting you, we wish you both all the best in your future endeavour!