Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

It has been a tough time for moms since last year because of the pandemic. Many have been dealing with extra workload trying to juggle between work from home and managing household chores during the lockdown. Many have been homeschooling their kids or caring for elderly family members and it’s not so easy trying to keep themselves sane dealing with a lot of stress due to the pandemic impact. Well, to put it straight, the mothers in your life may be dealing with extra burdens. A mother sacrifices a lot in her life and no gift in the world would justify it. Nevertheless, you can express your love and gratitude by giving her a thoughtful & useful gift on Mother’s Day. 


While getting her a gift, you will need to consider things like her hobbies, whether she is health-conscious or environmentally conscious or maybe something she needs but will never buy for herself. Keeping all these in mind, we have prepared a list of gift ideas that will help you choose the perfect gift for her.

Health and wellness gifts


Staying fit is the need of the hour during this pandemic and gifts that will promote her health is a wonderful idea. It’s even better if you can get a personalised one.


  1.  Training shoes- A comfortable pair of training shoes can be of good use for encouraging her to stay fit. She can use it while running on the treadmill or doing exercise.
  2. Fitness band- With her fit band she can keep a track of her health and achieve her fitness target.
  3. Reusable Drinkware- Get her a reusable drinkware that is insulated and made with high-grade stainless steel and won’t be harmful to her health. It’s a great choice if your mom is environmentally conscious. She can have her caffeine fix in an insulated mug pre-workout or hydrate herself throughout with a water bottle. It’s even better if you can get it personalised.
  4. Skincare kit- She might not have gotten enough time to pamper herself. Get her a skincare kit from her favourite brand along with facial massaging equipment. She deserves that glow.
  5. Healthy Recipe Cook Book- Eating right is the first step to staying fit. Get her a good healthy recipe cookbook, she may like to try new healthy recipes that will help maintain the family’s health. It can even get her engaging and interesting if she loves cooking.

Memorable Gifts


Get her gifts that can be customised or have memories associated with them.

  1. Custom Name Jewellery- A woman always love jewellery so does your mom. You can get her a ring, pendant or bracelet with her name customised on it. 
  2. Photo Book- In this digital world, you get everything at your fingertips. A number of pictures are stored in your phone but there’s always something special about photo books/albums. Get pictures that are memorable, maybe some silly clicks that are funny, pictures from a memorable trip or special moments, fill them in the photo book and gift her. Your mom will definitely love this old school way.
  3. Personalised Pillow- Get the most comfortable pillow and get a customised cover for it. You can have her name printed on it or have her favourite picture printed.

Home Decor & Furnishing Gifts


Decorating home is always among her favourite things and new decorating items can uplift her mood. Not just moms we love it too and I can spend hours at home-decor stores looking for beautiful items.


  1. Vases & Pots- Your green-thumbed mum will definitely love beautiful vases & pots. You can get her along with house plants she has been wanting to get.
  2.  Reclining Chair- Give her a comfortable reclining chair, she can have a relaxing time reading her favourite books or just taking a nap.
  3. Organic-Cotton Bedding- Enhance her bedroom with a set of organic cotton bedding. Choose soothing colours that are more relaxing and calming.

For Moms Who Work From Home


  1.  Adjustable Desk- Get her a desk riser or adjustable desk for more convenience while alternating sitting or standing.
  2.  Ergonomic Chair- To reduce stress on the back and neck, an ergonomic work chair is an awesome gift for working moms.

For New Moms


A new mom will be stressing out more handling their baby and you would want to get her something practical and functional to ease her burden. On the other hand, you want to encourage an over-tired new mom to kick back and relax, taking time to rejuvenate and regain a little bit of her pre-mommy self.


  1.  Baby-focused gifts- Opt for practical and simplifying gadgets like baby carrier, stroller and as basic as a nursing pillow.
  2. New-mom focus gifts- You can get her a present that promotes rest, relaxation and self-care. A comfy set of pyjamas when she gets that much-needed sleep, soothing eye mask for the sleep-deprived eyes, mom journal where she can jot down her thoughts that will capture motherhood moments, big and small.


Well, we have covered some of every mom’s gifting ideas here. Choose the one that works for you. Whatever you get her, she’s going to take it with a smile ensuring she will always be there for her children.