Tips to Refresh Yourself as You Work from Home

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Tips to Refresh Yourself as You Work from Home

Due to the restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic, people have been confined to their homes. Initially, everyone took some time to adjust to this new arrangement. However, it has become the new normal now. One of the most drastic changes that have happened in the lives of people is the new work from home situation. No one could have imagined that such a day would come in their lives. 


The fact of the matter is that people are feeling drained out. While their productivity had increased initially, now they are eager to go back to their offices.


Don’t worry if you are in a similar situation. You are not alone. In this new scenario, the boundaries between personal and professional lives seem to have blurred. Perhaps you feel overworked as there are no coffee breaks of chit-chat sessions with your colleagues that would rejuvenate you earlier. Moreover, as no vacations and family gathering are happening, you are spending all your time working.


If you are feeling drained out, here are a few easy tips that will refresh you as attend to your work from home.


Define your schedule


Do you check your emails the first thing in the morning? Do you message your colleagues about an important presentation before you go to bed? If you are constantly working, you are bound to feel the pressure.


It is advisable to fix your work timings even when you are working from home. Informing your colleagues that you will be available only during this period is also a crucial step. Instead of answering late-night office calls, politely text your colleagues that you will talk to them the next day. Of course, you will be available to handle emergencies.


As you do this, you will feel the steam is lightly blowing off. 


Take regular breaks


Chai or coffee breaks in the pantry give you a breather in between your hectic days in office. As you chat with your friends in the office, you get that much-needed break. Such banter makes work more fun and at times, also give you ideas about your work.


When you are at home, you tend to forget taking those breaks. You get the coffee to your work station at home and immediately get back to work. By the time your day ends, you realise it was all about work. And we know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


It may be a good idea to take short 10-minute breaks every once in a while. You can use the time to meditate, practise a few yoga asanas or take your coffee to your balcony and chill.


Schedule zoom meetings with your colleagues


When you go to a place five days a week, you are bound to make friends. For some people, these office friendships take a more meaningful turn. They turn into dear friends with whom you share everything. With your office premises shut, there are good chances that you are missing them.


At a time when people are feeling lonely, it would be a good idea to meet your office colleagues virtually. You can set up a bi-monthly zoom call with your drinks and reminisce those pre-pandemic days


Be cautious of video calls


During these times, video calls have been a blessing. They have enabled the right environment to collaborate and ensure that work continues without interruptions. However, it has been stressful for some people. Especially, for the ones who are introverts or do not get the required peace and quiet at home. 


Moreover, phone calls have started converting into video calls. There are days when people are spending a significant part in video conferences. If your job allows it, try to fix a time slot when you will be available for video calls. In these tough times, people are trying to be more flexible. Hopefully, your boss and colleagues will understand.


Make changes to your work station at home


You may not believe it, but trust me, changing the way your home office looks may bring a drastic change in your daily life. Pinterest and Instagram are brimming with inspiring ideas. If you don't want to go overboard, you can make small changes. Get a fluffy cushion to rest your back or add some cute decor elements. Another option is to add plants on your desk. It will not only soothe your eyes but also bring some cheer and joy.


Enjoy your lunch break

Instead of rushing your lunches and eating your meals on the desk, try to relish your food. You can book a 20-minute slot on your calendar to ensure no one books you for other meetings during this time. A lunch with your family or while watching your favourite episode of a comedy web series can do wonders to your work schedule.




These are challenging times. Although you may have become accustomed to working from home, you may be missing the earlier times. If you feel the pressure is intense, you can go ahead and use these tips to make your work from home easier.