Unique Gift Ideas For Different Types Of Dads

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Unique Gift Ideas For Different Types Of Dads

We’ve grown up watching our dads doing a lot for us. A daughter is proud to be “Daddy’s li’l girl” while a son looks up to him as his first “Superhero”. He might be less expressive but he is always there to protect you. From fixing things in the house to telling dad jokes, he is the wholesome man you can rely on. As Father’s Day is around the corner, you can take the chance to show your gratitude to him by getting him a present. No gifts in the world can replace what our dads have done for us but still, it may at least bring him a smile. Here’s a list of unique gift ideas for different types of dads

For health-conscious dads

Most of us in fact, are health-conscious with the coming of the pandemic, we are careful about what we eat, we want to boost our immune system and so on. For those dads who are constantly working on their bodies’ well-being, these items can be considered for gifting.

  1. Fit Band Smartwatch- Best for fitness tracking and also multiple functions as a watch.
  2. Gym Equipment like weights, dumbbells, treadmill (if you can afford)
  3. Yoga online-class Subscription with a Yoga mat
  4. Cycle- Good exercising equipment and fun to ride around at the same time.
  5. Durable drinkware for making protein shakes or that caffeine fix before workouts.

For dads who are environmentally conscious

Aren’t we just glad that there are dads who really care about the environment and the planet? I’m sure they would appreciate some sustainable and eco-friendly items, just don’t forget to wrap them with recycled wrapping paper.

  1. Stainless steel water bottles- They are durable, sustainable and eco-friendly.
  2. Solar Panel for home or solar-powered Phone Charger- It’s an alternative to using electricity and can conserve energy.
  3. E-Gift Voucher- The easiest way to gift and make your dad make his own choice and it’s eco-friendly.
  4. Essentials like wooden toothbrush, wooden comb, wooden massagers etc.

For travelling dads

These dads sure want to travel light and be minimal. They would avoid bulky items and mostly choose multipurpose items.

  1. iPad with detachable keyboards and trackpads- They are much portable and lighter than laptops.
  2. Power Bank will be quite helpful for power backup during travel.
  3. Wireless Headphone that would free him from the tangle of wires. 
  4. Audiobook Subscription to listen during travel.
  5. Travelling luggage that is lightweight and spacious.

For dads who’ve found office space at home

They are mostly spending long hours working and probably ignoring the strain their body is taking. It’s time you give him things that will alleviate their work-life. 

  1. Ergonomic Chair to give him good back support.
  2. Laptop Stand to place the laptop at the right height and position.
  3. Calming Scent Diffuser Set can help him have a relaxed mind.
  4. Back Support Pillow for office chair
  5. Under-desk leg workout machines- Long hours of sitting reduces blood flow to the legs, it also causes obesity. This may help your dad work and do exercise at the same time and lift his mood.

For dads who like to groom themselves

There are dads who have managed to maintain their looks so well, be it grooming their beard or taking care of their skin. If you got one, you can try these gifts

  1. Beard Trimmer
  2. Beard Grooming oils, shampoos & conditioners.
  3. Organic Hair & Skin Care Products
  4. A good fragrance Perfume
  5. A Foot Spa Massager 

For dads who love fixing things all by himself

Is your dad one of those who enjoy fixing things on their own? Perhaps these gifts might just delight them.

  1. Vehicle Tool Kits
  2. Garden Tools
  3. Hand Tool Kits

For dads who'd like to just chill

Every dad is hard-working and they need to have a good time and relax. Make his weekends a feel-good vibe with these gift ideas.

  1. Comfortable Recliner Chair- He can sit and relax while he watches his favourite show.
  2. Hammock- He can swing by while reading and perhaps give him a holiday vibe.
  3. Projector Set for screening movies- You can just set up a home theatre for him or even outdoor for movie nights.
  4. BBQ Grill Machine- Dads just love to show off their cooking skills and they do it best with BBQs
  5. A Bottle of Vintage Whiskey- It’s not that drinking is encouraged here but he deserves it on special occasions. And as one says,” You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy whiskey and that’s pretty close.”

Now you have the ideas, get which gift suits your dad at best. Wish you a happy celebration and bonding on this Father’s Day.