Why You Should Hydrate In Winters & how?

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Why You Should Hydrate In Winters & how?

Keeping yourself hydrated is important for you during every season but people forget about it during the winter season.  During the winters, our body's thirst response reduces by up to 40% according to experts. This happens because our blood vessels constrict when we are cold to prevent blood from freely flowing to the extremities. In winters, it is very hard to notice the fluids leaving our body combined with a decreased thirst and can cause dehydration faster than you think. So here are some ways to keep yourself hydrated during winters:


Make it a goal: Making an organized schedule is always helpful so why not do it when it comes to hydration. Taking it as a goal will keep you motivated to drink water throughout the day. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go as it will serve as a reminder to stay hydrated. You can also keep a target of certain amount of water to drink everyday for example drinking 8 glasses or 2 litres of water. 


Drink warm water: Drinking warm water over cold is always better as it has been proven that warm water helps you hydrate faster than cold water. Warm water can keep you hydrated throughout the night so it is suggested to drink a glass of warm water just before bed. You can also drink hot beverages such as Green tea, Hot chocolate or soup.


Avoid Alcohol: Avoiding alcohol would be a great idea because it absorbs all the water inside your body and rapidly makes you dehydrated. It is a diuretic, which means it makes you pee more than usual and more often, which causes dehydration. 


Eat hydrating foods: Eating citrus fruits like oranges, cantaloupe, pomelo, strawberries etc. or food like yoghurt, oatmeal and veggies is a great way to include water in your daily diet. Make sure to limit your consumption of fried food and processed food as they can quickly absorb water from your body. 


Hydration helps in boosting your immunity and you need immunity to fight infections, so stay hydrated as much as possible throughout the winter. And we hope the above steps will help you.