Plastic is not going anywhere,  or at least for 400 years

Only a small portion of plastics is recycled

From 1950 to 2015, the world has been producing about 8.3 billion tons of plastic and 6.3 billion tons has become plastic waste. Out of that, only 9% has been recycled. The remaining end up in the environment and oceans and ultimately in our body through the food chain.

Calculate your plastic bottle usage impact on the planet and pocket.

The Plastindia Foundation estimated in 2017-18 alone, India consumed 16.5 million tonnes of plastic.

It’s time we own up and be mindful of using plastic.

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You can play your part

We have no other means to discard or destroy plastics. The only solution left is to not use them which will automatically limit the production. Let’s make responsible and sustainable choices that are environment-friendly.

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Headway products are super durable that can last you for a long time and save up on the amount you will spend buying a number of plastic bottles. Why spend again and again when you can pay once.

So, let’s break the bond with single-use plastics and make headway towards sustainability.